The reward of resilience

Looking back on 2020-2022, l can say they were the most challenging years ever (and no doubt you can relate …) as they probably were for all of you in the Travel Industry!

As you know, the total halt in the sector was prolonged to early-mid 2022 when traveling bans were finally lifted in Australia and, despite the uncertainty and lack of visibility, I never lost faith in our ability at JCM to overcome the situation.

Of course we kept ourselves busy rescheduling, rebooking, reshuffling our programs hoping that the storm would pass in a few months… It ended being more than a few months but we knew that travellers would make the most of their regained freedom and come back to our Australian shores.

I was lucky enough to have reorganised the way the JCM team operated before the pandemic so we were already perfectly organised to work from home; this new structure gave us just the right dose of resilience and flexibility to weather the storm and be ready for the business we knew would return.

All members of the JCM team showed amazing dedication and strived to make the company thrive again despite obstacles and complications.

That is why we were stoked to be nominated for the 2022 Australia DMC Award by World Travel Awards. It really validated our efforts to keep our focus and faith in the future of the company.

As the saying goes “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and valuable lessons were learnt on the way which made JCM more resourceful than ever before !