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Welcome to JCM

We became travel stylists many years ago but never really shared our vision. So it’s time to spread the word…

G’day! I am Jean-Christophe Merlant, or JC for short.

Let me tell you briefly about who we are at JCM.

We have been operating inbound travel since 1998 when I fell in love with Australia and started the company; we have now decided to focus solely on Group operations, MICE and Leisure.

What is the key? A very sharp team, not driven by the 9 to 5 syndrome but rather happy to step aside routine and normality.

We will also need you, your experience, your suggestions. Let’s team up and pull the best out of our wonderful country!

Our services extend to all Australian States and Territories while we can also facilitate travel to New Zealand through a partner-friendly connection. JCM Destination Australia is mainly involved with the Western market, Europe, North and South America.


We work with reliable Australian suppliers which we carefully select and match with our client’s profile to provide a high level of proficiency and achieve the best possible level of satisfaction.


Over the years we have operated a large number of MICE groups from Meetings, Incentives, Conferences to Specialist groups. We also share our vast knowledge of the continent with a broad leisure group clientele.


JCM Destination Australia works with a large pool of multilingual Coordinator Guides and Tour Managers.


Our team is multilingual and can communicate in English, Spanish, German and French.


Meeting & Incentive Travel

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Business & Corporate Travel

Incentive – Conference – Events

Your clients want to be surprised, to be looked after and to travel light. This is our job!

With over 30 years of experience in the MICE industry we can assist with your next Corporate Event.

We specialize in designing, managing and implementing Incentive Travel Programs, Meetings and Corporate Events. We have an extensive knowledge of the services needed to operate a successful program and have mastered all aspects of this industry. We love the challenge of designing custom made Meetings & Incentive Travel Programs and making those concepts and ideas a reality.

With our extensive network, we have a large collection of options to suit your requirements.

JCM Corporate Travel and Account Management principles place the human approach as an absolute priority and use our network to serve our mutual best interest. Our reporting system is simple and efficient, based on daily feeds by our team. We work in line with your budget expectation and can provide transparent costings.

Professional Programs

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Professional Programs

They draw their success from the interaction with local like-minded professionals. A strong theme is like a central pole of mutual interest and guarantees a successful exchange. When needed, an interpreter will add an absolute value to the experience.

Over the years we have worked with biologists, geologists, cardiologists, foresters, car manufacturers, insurance companies, bankers, brewers, winemakers, doctors, teachers, truck manufacturers, grain farmers, transport companies, airlines, water companies, petroleum companies, tyre manufacturers, tool makers and more. Please ask for a reference.

Whether your clients organise their own professional programs or need a hand in making contacts, we will be happy to assist anywhere around Australia.

Sporting Events

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Sporting Events & Supporters

Australia is a great nation for Sporting events. Sport is in the Australian DNA and be it on land, at sea or in the air, you will always find Australian teams competing.

Australia is internationally renowned for cricket but Australians also love rugby, netball, golf, swimming and surfing and more recently  soccer (or ‘football’ as it is known in Europe), especially women’s soccer.

We have been active in operating group travel for sporting events, be it for the Olympics, the World Cups or for regional happenings.

Australians love cricket and you will see them play all over the country on weekends during cricket season. However, Australians being sport fanatics, they also play rugby, soccer, netball and they are great swimmers and surfers of course; golfing and cycling have also become very popular over here.

Leisure Travel

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Leisure Travel

Relax, indulge, explore, feel, see, socialize, breathe and taste.

Australia is a fast-moving country with an immensity of experiences to offer. From the most ancient culture of its original inhabitants to the pioneering attitude of its current communities.

In a nutshell we can say that it is a land of contrast offering a wide variety of climate, a low population density of 3.4 inhabitants per square kilometre, a totally unique fauna, a natural diversity and a very friendly population always ready to assist with unique moments of immersion into the Australian way of life.   

Our philosophy is to design a program that allows your clients to enjoy not only Australia but also the Australians, their kindness, their enthusiasm and their rich diversity.

The climates allow for year-round travel and we will direct you to the best destinations for the period you request.

We will provide you with:

  • A cost effective and prompt response
  • A tailor-made solution as every group is different
  • Professional and accredited tour guides while travelling
  • Accommodation carefully selected and conveniently located to suit your group profile
  • An updated and varied selection of the best restaurants
  • A sample of destinations and topics highlighting the true nature of Australia
  • On request, a free of charge service for your tour leader
  • A guaranteed costing if you have definitive dates
  • A 24h contact with the coordinator looking after your file


Over the years we have operated a large spectrum of programs working with a number of industries mostly originated from MICE and Leisure agents from North and South America (USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica) and Western and Eastern Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Holland, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia and more).

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If you want to stand out, JCM will work with you to make it possible.


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